The home for web3 data engineers

Dataleap is a fully managed data warehouse for web3.
We reduce the time needed to build customized data pipelines from weeks to minutes.

We enable data engineers to focus on what really matters - analyzing data.

No need to run your own data infrastructure anymore. We manage the whole data stack for you from ingest to export.


When you open Dataleap all the blockchain data you need is already there. Cleaned, decoded and live.


On top of that, you can build custom data transformations in both Python and SQL. We help you speed up the process with a library of curated enriched data sets like DEX trades or NFT trades.


You just pick the interval for the data to refresh and we will handle the orchestration for you.


With a click of a button, you can transform your queries into low latency GraphQL APIs. Alternatively you can connect you favorite BI tool or data science notebook via JDBC.